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Enterprise Culture

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Enterprise Culture

Our Mission:  Bright the world    Green the world.
Our Vision: devoted to become one of best LED manufacturers in the world.
Main Value: integrate resources; create value for customers, suppliers and our staff.
Main Idea: Strive, Innovation, Responsibility, Morality


Go forward without hesitation, create the world from chaos, breed things in desolation.

Face up to challenges, be prepared for danger in times of safety, succeed in days and years, build a career in the universe.

Hard work is the only reason and explanation of XSY's past, present and future.

Hard work, rooted in the beginning of the Company, runs through the entire development, finally achieves in the prosperity of the Company.


We are changing the mankind's idea about lighting, because we insist continuous innovation and developing.

We keep innovating in ideas, mechanism, technology and management, constantly adapt ourselves to changing environment, and get a head start.

Any circumstance hitting a limit will begin to change. Change will in turn lead to an unimpeded state,and then lead to continuity. Go forward in good circles and then make continuous progress.


Try best to undertake liability, no excuse.

Responsibility is our guide to action, is our firm attitude always.

Responsibility is bearing, and is the unity of you and us, and is the bridge of communication.

We are always responsible for our customers, suppliers, and staff.


As heaven maintains vigor through movement,a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection!

XSY, striving for mutual trust with good faith, unites the team with unity and stands between the heaven and earth with righteousness.

XSY, keeps its wisdom in essence and stability through the Ages,

XSY feels grateful and sincere all the time.